How do Download and Upload Speeds affect me?

How do Download and Upload Speeds affect me?

12Jun, 2018

There are two important metrics in bandwidth allocation (measured in Megabits per second or Mbps): download and upload speed, denoting the speed of inbound and outbound data respectively. They are useful for different tasks, so let ‘s address them separately. If many users are simultaneously sharing a single connection (like on a wi-fi network), requirements will increase accordingly.

Download Speed

This is usually the more useful of the two metrics for most residential users, and for IPTV, this is for the viewers. It reflects how much data can be transmitted to your computer/LAN at one time. This affects the speed of web page loading, file downloading, video/audio streaming, etc. For frustration-free web browsing, we recommend you have 1-2 Mbps per user. If you watch a lot of YouTubeNetflix or other streaming media services, you probably want more like 4-5 Mbps per user. If you make use of digital software and game distribution services like Steam or frequently download very very large files, then you should elect 10-20 megs or faster.

How can I tell if my Download Speed is not sufficient? If you experience stuttering or frequent buffering when you tried to watch your most recent HD Video On Demand. That ‘s probably a lack of download speed. However, the person that’s doing the broadcast could have an upload speed issue which causes that problem for the viewer.

Upload Speed

Upload speed plays the opposite role in internet activity. It determines how quickly your computer/LAN can transmit data to other locations. In media streaming, its function is to send the initial request for web pages and files to the server. After that, all the load is carried on the downstream pipe. For this reason ISPs typically provide much less outbound (upload) speed to their subscribers, sometimes as little as 1/10th the inbound.

Upload speed has a significant impact on certain operations. Does it take a long time to send an email with an attachment? That ‘s the limitation of your upload speed. This also plays a crucial role in doing a live broadcast, since you are sending (or uploading) the stream from your location to the streaming server.

The Short and Sweet

Knowing how upload and download speeds affect viewing and broadcasting doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know what your speeds actually are. These bandwidth speeds are not constant, they fluctuate based on how much load is placed on the network. What you pay for and what you are actually getting does not always line up. To be sure, we recommend that you find out your download and upload speeds by visiting If you ever experience issues where the internet seems to be dragging its feet, run a speedtest. It can alert you problems that your ISP will need to address.

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